Dark Tides Rising

Session 3 This is our island

The ship carrying our mighty party was caught in a terrible storm during their return to Emerald bay. It ended up beached, but otherwise largely unharmed on the edge of a marsh of an island. A quick scouting mission revealed a settlement through the woods.

The journey to this settlement was interrupted by and ambush of frogmen, but the situation was defused and no blows were exchanged. The route was littered with petrified people, hinting at the presence of a basilisk, but none emerged.

The settlement was discovered to be a safe haven for pirates. The operation was under the command of Charlotte Flagg, the sister of Ballista Flagg (whose life and ship were taken by the party). They heard her promise a reward to whoever would solve the issue of zombie attacks.

The party set off and found the person who controlled the zombies, who appeared to be animated through a fungal growth as opposed to necromancy. After a brief battle the opposing druid and his force were proven to be completely outmatched, so he surrendered.

The druid explained that he was trying to protect the island from the pirates, who were destroying the forest and disrupting the balance of nature. The party, in particular Zidus as a fellow druid, were drawn to his cause and decided to aid him in ridding the island of the pirate scourge.

A crazy plan was hatched! Dave enchanted a stone to emit the mating call of a basilisk, and Zidus, in the form of a hawk, carried it to the settlement. The basilisk followed, and being caught suddenly in the middle of town wreaked havoc. Those who were not petrified took to their ships to flee the island.

The party through great coordination were able to slay the basilisk without being harmed. Before the killing blow was struck they ensured it inhaled the spores of a cordyceps stalk, which resulted in it being reanimated, under their control the following day.

The party now has access to the resources of the entire town, and an undead basilisk to command.

Session 2 On a quest for treasure
Into a dark pit

In the captain’s cabin of their newly acquired ship the party found two interesting pieces of paper. One was a treasure map, and the other a job opportunity.

The party pursued the treasure and came to an abandoned island. There they found an ancient temple. In the depths of the ruins they encountered a twisted being which uttered the mysterious phrase “Nek’tu Ap’tu Tuk’ta.” It the creatures possession was a strange stone.

The party sacrificed two crew members to cross the underwater lake, as was instructed on the map. A chest of treasure was found and retrieved.

Session 1 Out to sea
The adventure begins

After a string of exciting adventures that the watch of Port Landington insist on calling “crimes” a rag-tag group of adventurers decided the best course of action was to jump on a ship a sail far away.

Leo was able to book the group passage on a ship, the Salty Mare, commanded by Captain Cassandra Cassius . All except Leo proved themselves truly incompetent in their duties aboard, and earned the captain’s ire. Adding to the tension, the crew were aware of the outlaw status of the group.

When confronted by a pirate ship the adventurers proposed having themselves hidden within the containers of cargo that would be surrendered to the pirates. Captain Cassius agreed to this plan, as it got rid of two of her problems at once. The Salty Mare had made good distance before the adventurers sprung their plan.

Using a combination of magic and trickery the adventurers caused the crew to believe the ship to have acquired a terrible haunting. The majority of the crew jumped ship rather than face whatever terrors hid below the deck.

To determine who would be the captain of their newly acquired craft the group held a drinking contest. Yanna emerged victorious, and chose Daromeir as her first mate.

Their revelry was short-lived, for the following day a pennant of kelp was sighted on the horizon. Through their inexperience they were not able to outrun the approaching threat, and were soon set upon by a force of tritons.

Through summoning a triton’s spirit, Zerva learned that they were determined on bloody conquest.

Through their tactics, magic, and ferocity, the party slew the triton’s leaders and drove back the kraken (Which was mistakenly summoned by Sparrow, by blowing on the conch of the slain leader.). The rest of the force soon fled from the ship.

With a fully equipped ship, the party consider where they shall next set their course.


  • They party escaped prosecution from the town of Port Landington on the Salty Mare
  • All except Leo earned the ire of Captain Cassandra Cassius and her crew.
  • The party acquired a pirate ship for themselves by scaring the crew overboard.
  • Yanna is captain, with Daromeir as her first mate.
  • They defended their ship from a force of triton and their kraken.
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